Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time Article

There was a very annoying article in Time Magazine recently. It was from a dude who was taking the stance that exercise won't help you lose weight. You can read the whole article here. However, he was just blaming exercise for his poor choices.

And here is an excellent rebuttal.

I think I'm particularly annoyed at Time for giving this idea a platform. I realize that not everyone needs a gym to get in shape (in fact, most people who lose weight use walking), but if you burn more calories than you consume - you will lose weight. It's a simple equation. It seems that too many people are already frightened by the idea of exerting themselves without giving them an excuse not to.

I thought of this article yesterday when I was asked on two separate times if I "was killing myself at the gym". I thought it was sad that it seemed like the only way I could lose weight was to "kill myself at the gym." I admit it's hard to get in the habit but I am at the point where I feel uncomfortable if I don't go to the gym. But I thought that a few years ago - and stopped going to the gym and gained back the weight I had lost (about 30 pounds). But I am glad it happened so I know I can't get complacent and assume that it will take care of itself.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Progressing again

I am finally losing again after that frustrating period of gaining back 5 - 6 pounds. I have a hypothesis about that. I had to increase my salt intake to raise my low blood pressure. I think the salt was making me retain water. When that leveled off, I started seeing the change on the scale again. So I am back at 209 (which means I've lost 90 pounds!). Short of losing a limb, I won't hit 199 by September 6th, but I am still going to try to get as close as I can.

I did pass a nice milestone last week. I was on vacation and we went to the local factory stores. We went into Ann Taylor, and I was able to fit into a really cute shirt. It was the first time I was able to buy something at a "normal" store (i.e. a store with no plus-sized section) since I don't know when. It's probably been since high school.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back Sliding

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I was doing so well last week and I have lost a lot of ground. Or maybe I should say that I have gained ground, since I've been doing more gaining than losing. 

This weight loss gig is so frustrating at times.  

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fat Families, Thin Families

I recently read Fat Families, Thin Families by Amy Hendel R-PA (I don't know what that means, since she's not a Republican from Pennsylvania). I quite enjoyed it, although the first half was better than the second half. She wrote about ways families can become healthier. Although she used gender neutral terms it was obviously directed towards women. She really focused on how one shouldn't blame excess weight on genetics which I really liked and it was also very well rounded... no off-limits food etc. She had her Yes, No, Maybe So foods. It was a bit to 'programmy' for me. But I thought she made some excellent level-headed points so I would recommend it.

I crunched the numbers and to reach 199 by September 6th I am going to have to be aggressive. I have to lose a little over 2 pounds a week. So I have made myself a chart of where I should be each day, and am being very strict with myself. I am optimistic that I can still reach it.