Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Lady of Weight Loss

I just finished reading Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor. It sucked big time. Actually, it sucked huge-time. Ms. Taylor, who apparently considers herself an artist, was able to lose 50 pounds after she "heard a voice" telling her to turn weight loss into an art project. She called the voice Our Lady of Weight Loss. I kid you not.

The general advice of the book is pretty routine, stuff I've read before. However, I had never read about plate feng shui before. (Can I tell you how happy I am that the spell check doesn't recognize feng shui. Chalk one up for critical thinking). She says I should balance my meals, not what I'm eating, but the color of what I'm eating. Also don't forget to use the right color plate and have the right color tablecloth at the right time of day. What bullshit! (The spell check recognizes that)

She also has something called Our Lady of Weight Loss's Kick in the Tush Club. Which is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I hate the word tush. Could it be more puerile? If you don't want to use the word ass, fine, but don't use a phrase that should have ass in it. What are you 12? I realize I've stopped critiquing the book and have started ranting. 

She also suggests several art projects throughout the book, like decorating macaroni and cheese boxes or decorating sneakers. Her illustrations throughout the book also suck huge-time. He art projects all seem to be taking prints of saints and putting eye-glasses on them. I don't think she is as original or talented as she thinks she is. I REALLY hated the illustrations.  I don't get the link between weight loss and juvenile art projects.

In good news, after being within a pound of it for five days, I finally hit 219, which means I've lost 80 pounds. And have spend the afternoon singing 2:19 by Tom Waits. All without plate feng shui.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Portion Teller

I recently read The Portion Teller by Lisa Young.  She posits that it is easier to manage portion sizes when you can handily compare them to common items. I suppose that is true, but sometimes her examples are convoluted, especially when she combines them and uses fractions. Like a deck of cards and half a walnut or the palm of your hand and three jacks. It made it needlessly complicated. It also seemed like many of her terms should have a TM in super script. Like SmartBets, that is a bit too programmy for my taste. 

However I did like some of the things she said. Like, 'no one ever got fat from eating too many carrots" and she espoused that nothing is off-limits, just how much. 

So it was basically OK, but it didn't blow my mind. 

The loss is going slowly but surely (more slowly than I'd like, truth be told), but I'm just keeping my eye on the goal.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Why is it that members of my gym will spend so much time trying to get a parking space right next to building, instead of parking in the huge parking lot across the street? Can the exercise only start when you enter the building? You can't walk 50 damn feet?

I don't get it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Once More With Feeling

This morning I hit 224 - that's the halfway point, so all I have to do to hit my final goal is do what I have already done - again. I set a mini-goal for myself to get to this point by the end of May, so I am annoyed that I am 6 days late.

I'll be doing a few mini-goals for this stretch, and my next one is to hit 215 by June 30.

That will put me that much closer to my final goal and.... Paris! 

I won't get there by sitting on my ass at the computer.