Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hollow Days

Whilst reading The Hunger Games I was struck when she (the protagonist, Katniss) mentioned hollow days. She defined them as days when no matter how much you eat you never feel full. I call them bottomless days, but I think I will call them hollow days now. I like it better.

I can relate to the phenomenon. They are extremely frustrating. Somedays it seems like it's going to be a hollow day, but I eat some healthy food and I end up feeling full. Somedays healthy food just is not cutting it. So I have a little of whatever junk food I'm craving and that does it. I'm full.

But there are other days nothing does it. It doesn't matter how much of what I eat, I don't feel even slightly satiated.

I try to deal with them by walking a fine line between healthy and junk food and not blowing my diet too much.

I guess that's all I can do.